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BadgeOwnerRequest via 
  Cake (Auto Grant) Tysal Visit Homepage
  Music Is Life (Auto Grant) llSTACEll Visit Homepage
  Sweet Flesh (10k) Charbel Visit Homepage
  Bullying Awareness Ribbon (5k) Charbel Visit Homepage
  Santa Claus - RotG (15k) (25k for set) Charbel Visit Homepage
  Daisy Duck (Auto Grant) Tysal Visit Homepage
  Ben&J-licious DaniIzLuv Unrequestable Badge
  Skelanimals Foxy |Autogrant| lllMiaalll Visit Homepage
  I need you.....Part 2 Poisonouz Visit Homepage
  I need You -More than words can Say- Poisonouz Visit Homepage
  Together Forever KarolDVampiro Tradeable Badge
  You forgot these Babygirl Fused Visit Homepage Send Forum PM
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