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BadgeOwnerRequest via 
  Love *autogrant* MiBTerry Visit Homepage
  Love *autogrant* MiBTerry Visit Homepage
  JennaMyst13 JennaMyst Visit Homepage
  Mother of Dragons: 30k or rare trades Arctic Tradeable Badge
  Elamma The Elephant/Buyable 10k TiaRae Visit Homepage
  My ShiningStars/ Dont Ask! TiaRae Unrequestable Badge
  Marilyn's Freedom > 3.5k or trade (LAT's Shop) SeK Unrequestable Badge
  Sweet Lips! - Free Badge MikesCustomBling Visit Homepage Visit Link
  Release.... (Buy 6k) LynneLuvlust Visit Homepage
  Happy Halloween Pumpkin Katnis Visit Homepage
  Iron Man Llama Toilet Visit Homepage
  Weasley Twin Mayhem (8K) Amortentia Visit Homepage
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