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BadgeOwnerRequest via 
  Grinch & Cindy Lou (buyable 30k) VelvetFaith Visit Homepage
  Badass Prt1 Inbox For Details KrzKitty Unrequestable Badge
  Badass Prt2 KrzKitty Unrequestable Badge
  Badass Prt3 KrzKitty Unrequestable Badge
  Deck the Halls Shamrock Visit Homepage
  18.08.13.pt2 Lurena Visit Homepage
  18.08.13.pt1 Lurena Visit Homepage
  Viselc Random Emporium Viselc Visit Homepage
  Stare At Chu Viselc Visit Homepage
  Secret 10k KrzKitty Tradeable Badge
  Wickedly 17k KrzKitty Tradeable Badge
  Beauty 15k KrzKitty Tradeable Badge
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