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Latest badge: Yui has faith in you by KomoriYui

Welcome to the Bling Directory!

A site dedicated to index all the blings/badges on IMVU for easier search and request.
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Latest Directory updates:

Aug 19, 2014
Small bug when browsing the Badges Directory has been fixed. (Thanks MzGigi!)

May 28, 2014
Great news for all of you badge lovers!!
There we have added a long awaited feature to our Badge Maker: now you can download your finished badge design!! Be sure to try it out today if you have not done so. Its free to use and you can make as many badges as you want with it.

May 03, 2014
Hello bling addicts! There as we got suggested, we make a small change on the own badge listing, by default, removed badges won't be shown. But if you click on the link 'show removed' it will show all the badges, removed and not removed. We are going to continue making this the best site for all your badge needs! :)

Jul 25, 2013
Welcome to the new enhanced interface of the Bling Directory! The site we all love has been under serious revamping, included lots of new features!
  • New layout design made by BitsyBlossom.
  • New search engine and easy-to-navigate interface for the directory section, so you can browse, search and find all the badges you like!
  • New site badge available for autogrant.
  • Enhanced the Badge Maker so you can dynamically create badges with this awesome tool.
  • New visual interface done completely using HTML5 + CSS3.
  • Server-side enhancements to make the site load faster.
  • Optimized navigation for mobile devices.
  • Fixed bugs and glitches.
  • Added new tool to help you build the badge description coding quickly and easy!

    Hope you enjoy all the work we have been putting into this new release of The Bling Directory :) Thank you all so much for visiting us!

Jun 25, 2013
We fixed a little bug on the Forgot Password link when you tried to retrieve a password from an account that had a name change.

Jun 17, 2013
We are going to be making a few changes on the bling directory that might affect you in case you have registered more than once in this site with any other names of your same avatar (this is only if you have changed your name on IMVU). We are going to be unifying all badges of a single avatar to the latest registered name, this means, if you have registered with an old name of your same avatar, we are going to be moving all the badges linked to that account to the one with a newer name. In the future, it won't be possible to register the same account with different names, if you got a name change, you can update the name of your bling directory account and all submitted badges by going to Edit Account settings > Update avatarname. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience! If you have any questions please let us know clicking on the Contact link on the footer of this page.

Dec 02, 2012
Just a reminder to all of you bling fanatics, be sure to submit only GA badges, this means no drugs, alcohol, etc. We have been doing some cleaning regarding that so if you see that any of your badges are gone is because of that. Also be sure to use the direct bling image link when submitting, not an image link from an external image host ;)

Feb 12, 2012
Good news for the bling directory users!!
One issue that came up lately has been how to handle name changes. At the time this system was designed, name changes didn't exist, so it wasn't considered as a feature in it. Since today, you can now update your avatarname on your registered bling directory account to your current avatarname. So if you got a name change, you can quickly update your account name here to, and at the same time update your name in all the badges that you have submitted to the system. We hope this is a good new feature since it has been requested before. Happy bling hunting!!

Nov 24, 2011
Hey hey! long time no see! :P
First I wanted to thank all the people that have been supporting the site all these years, we worked very hard on it and we are very proud of having over 3000 badges and almost 4000 registered users on the site. This is all thanks to you, and wanted to send big hugs to you all! We have added some sharing buttons on the bottom left so you can quickly send this site to your friends and show some love in social networks. Happy holidays to you all!!

Jul 09, 2010
(quoted from imvu staff about badge coding issues):

To avoid bad linking of your badge coding, be sure to follow this small guide:
-if you want to add a link to your catalog page, use a link like this:
-if you want to add a link to your homepage, use a link like this:
-in any other case you can't get the ? character away from the url, use TINYURL.

For further help be sure to read the FAQ section!